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Csaki in Canada
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About me:
I work for Purdue Pharma in the Training Department.
Moni works for a group of sleep disorder clinics, located in Malvern and Etobicoke.
Andrei already graduated and works part time at Mr.Lube.
Mitzu is a student at Computer networking and security.

 I was born in Baia Mare,
graduated Medical School in Cluj,
lived in Brasov then Bucharest, (all in Romania) 
In 2006 we moved to New Jersey , USA.
In June 2010 we purchased a house in Richmond Hill, Ontario and moved to Canada.


Picture taken in Woolwich, NJ, 2007

About us:

Sitting:Left to Right: Ileana, Mima, Patrick, Ana.
Back Row:Andrei, Me, Moni, Roxana, Mike, Tracy