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This is the page where you can find information about Csaki during the past 800+ years

Csaki is a recognized hungarian noble family name with roots back to the eleventh century. Lots of Transylvanian rulers descend out of a common Csaki genealogical tree ( Pózsa Csáki 1226, Matei Csáki  1270, Ugrinus Csáki  1275, Csáki Miklós - 1412,  Csaki László IV.1426).
Csaki Michael  was the first art historian to direct the Brukental Museum in the XIX century.
Count Csáki István was the Hungarian ForeignAffair Ministry  in the Second World War.

Mihai Csaki has a strong medical background and worked in hsopitals, clinics, pharmaceuticals, clinical research.
But most of all the pround parent of 3 great kids.

My family...

I am a big traveller.In 2002 only, we visited 4 continents.
Europe, Africa, Asia, America.

Here are the Countries that we visited: Romania, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Czeck Republic, Germany, France, Italy, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Austria, Egypt, U.K., Holland, Cuba, Bahamas, Curacao, Costa Rica.
AMERICA: New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, California, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina,Virginia, Georgia, Florida, New York, Nevada, Arizona,Ontario, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Quebec, Alberta, Nova Scotia, British Columbia,  Cincinnatti, Kansas, Hawaii, Indiana, Ohio.

Orlando, Florida, 2005

Here's a list of some of my favorite music:

Dire Straits, Pink Floyd, Queen, Phil Collins, Mihai Csaki...